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About me

I have over the past 5+ years provide customers globally with digital designs covering their needs and expectations.

For me design is everything, and it has made it possible for me to live a life in freedom, that I have always dreamed of and I have no intention of dropping that by failing any tasks given to me by my customers.

Me - Remote freelancer - Digital concept development - 2021
Remote freelancer - Digital concept development


3d visualizer


multimedia designer


Bachelor digital concept development

About the Jobs

I work ONLY remotely. This means I will not ALWAYS be able to communicate in person. And therefore, all communication between me and my customers will be done by using online communication media like Skype, Zoom, and Teams.

Choose the need task

Below you will find the tasks that I will be able to help you with. For all tasks, you should contact me first.

For a simple fee of $5, I will remove the background of any of your product images. The final edited product images will either be delivered in Jpeg, with basic white background, or Png, which will be usable on any background.

I am developing a one-page website, for your band. A one-page website that will be straightforward, and easy to use, and to understand for your customers.


Video design

Coming Soon...

"A message must be simple, informative, and straightforward. I, therefore, believe that content comes before it is designed."

Tim Borggren Larsen

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Get in touch with me and let’s have a good chat.